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All of our animals are reared in our local facility*. Working closely with our feed mill nutritionist, we have developed a feed that produces animals of an unsurpassed quality. All animals are harvested humanely and are individually frozen. We use resealable bags to ensure lasting quality. The following is a description of available sizes and numbers per bag along with the approximate weight of each bag.

Due to our varying Canadian climate, we also offer blue-gel freezer packs to help ensure orders stay frozen in transit. They are re-usable and are of minimal cost.

Note - We no longer offer live shipping.

*Due to regulations rats are produced on an associate farm in a neighbouring Province.



3 to 6 days old, hairless

approximate weight per bag - 225 grams/ ½ lb



7 to 12 days old, minimal hair coverage
approximate weight per bag - 250 grams/ ½ lb


13-18 days old, fully haired, pre-weaned
approximate weight per animal 9 - 11 grams
approximately 3lbs per bag of 100


30-35 days old, about one week past weaned
approximate weight per animal 18 - 20 grams
approximately 4lbs per bag of 75


fully grown
approximate weight per animal 26 - 30 grams
approximately 3lbs per bag of 50


the largest of the "retired" mice
approximately 4lbs per bag of 40

Rats Rats
available in numerous sizes and weights
click "prices" for a complete size and price list
some sizes subject to availability

*Weights are approximate and are for shipping purposes only. We make no guarantee regarding individual weights.



Mouseman Rodent Rations

We are very exited to finally bring you our own line of specialty rodent food. This is a all purpose food used as a sole ration for your mouse, rat, hamster or other small rodent pets. This is a formula developed by nutritionists to give give the highest quality diet for your animals. Sold in cases of 15 units per case each tub hold 750grams of pellet food. Each tub of Rodent Rations is priced at $2.85 before tax. Try and you will love it, its all we use in our facility.

Mouseman Rodent Rations
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developed by nutritionists

packaged in cases of 15 tubs

weight per tub - 750 grams / 1.65 lb

Helix DBS-1000 Advanced Temperature Control System

The DBS-1000 thermostat with standard cords is the option most widely used by pet owners, as most commonly used heat sources do not have a grounded power cord and therefore don't require grounded cords on the thermostat.

More information of this product can be found at the manufacturer's web site.

Helix DBS-1000 Advanced Temperature Control System
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Simple and Easy to use, "Program" or "Check" the desired temperature set points using just one button.

Highly Visible LED display always shows the current probe temperature, even across the room or in the dark.

65°F to 110°F (18°C to 43°C)
**Contact regarding availability and pricing


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